Competitors (and loved ones!) are welcome to provide photos to appear on this page to either fill in the gaps or replace photos from our archives with something a little more flattering! Please contact us here for details of how to send in their photos. We do our best to match the correct names to faces to cars but mistakes can happen so if you spot one please let us know and we'll get it fixed.

Colin  Davies


Sarah  Davies


nick  tearle

Class S1 - renault Clio 172 Cup

Rob  Thomson

Class S1 - Renault Clio 172 Cup

Leslie  Wilson

Class S1 - Renault clio 172 Exclusive

Bob  Ridge-Stearn

Class A1 - Fiat Panda 100HP Panda

Andrew  Till

Class A1 - MG ZR105

Jamie  Yapp

Class A1 - Vauxhall Nova SR

Anthony  Brown

Class A2 - MAZDA MX5 MK2

david  champion

Class A2 - fiat 500 1.3 multijet diesel saloon

Alistair  Clark

Class A2 - LOTUS Elise S1

Dean  Cubitt

Class A2 - Mazda mx5

Shane  Dyson

Class A2 - Renault 5 GT turbo

Martin  Ellis

Class A2 - Ford Escort Mk2

Andy  Mitchelmore

Class A2 - Lotus Elise

Nigel  Trundle

Class A2 - VW Scirocco

Charles  White

Class A2 - Lotus Elise S2 111R

Benjamin  Wilamowski

Class A2 - BMW 318is

Stephen  Dally

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Ken  Morris

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Merlot

Richard  Yapp

Class A2.1 - mazda mx5 mk1 eunos roadster

Justin  Andrews

Class A3 - Subaru Impreza

Andrew  Cottrill

Class A3 - Subaru Impreza

Graham  Mintram

Class A3 - Lancia Delta HF Turbo

John  Murphy

Class A3 - Subaru Impreza

Adam  Pemble

Class A3 - Toyota GT-Four

Tim  Richardson

Class A3 - Lotus Elise 250 Cup

Paul  Trill

Class A3 - Mazda RX7 FD3


Class U1 - MG MGC

Colin  Bowdidge

Class B1 - Caterham Super Sprint

Anthony  Shearman

Class B1 - Caterham 310R

Zoe  Shearman

Class B1 - Caterham 310R

Mike  Smith

Class B1 - Sylva Striker Mk2

Paul  Webb

Class B1 - Sylva Striker


Class B2 - Tiger Racing R6

Simon  Jones

Class B2 - Westfield SEIW

Stephen  Laing

Class B2 - Caterham R500

Martin  Rutter

Class C1 - Fiat X1/9

Henry  Kruczko

Class C2 - Peugeot 205 GTI6

Paul  Meadows

Class C2 - Renault Clio RS182

Tom  Reeves

Class C2 - peugeot 106

Ivan  Russell

Class C2 - Ford Anglia 105E

Roger  Banks

Class C3 - Audi S4

Chris  Berrisford

Class C3 - Subaru Impreza 

Nicholas  Olson

Class C3 - Lotus Esprit S3

Jason  Tunnicliffe

Class C3 - peugeot 205

John  Bradshaw

Class D - Westfield SEIW

Lynn  Gilbert

Class D - Caterham Superlight


Class D - Caterham Hayabusa

Chris  Howard-Harris

Class D - Caterham Superlight R

John  Loudon

Class D - Westfield SE

Adam  Phelps

Class D - Westfield Megabusa

Charlotte  Phelps

Class D - Westfield Megabusa

John  Phelps

Class D - Westfield Megabusa

James  Robertson

Class D - Raw Striker

Martyn  Turner

Class D - MNR Bike engined KIt car, similar to Westfield -

Callum  Barney

Class U2 - Ford Cortina GT

Mike  Henney

Class U2 - Lotus Elan S3 Coupe/ Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 

Colin  Seaward

Class U2 - MG Midget

Philip  Stader

Class U2 - Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750/Austin A35 Saloon

Geoff  Stallard

Class U2 - TVR - Lotus Vixen - Elan

Andrew  Webber

Class U2 - Lotus Elan +2/Europa 47/62

Graeme  Williamson

Class U2 - Hillman Imp

Simon  Bainbridge

Class F - SBR Chrono V8 Sports Libra

Paul  Batey

Class F - Rawlson Spaceframe Stiletto

Luke  Trotman

Class F - Mallock Mk 18 b

Jeff  Wiltshire

Class F - Zeus Challenger Evo 2

Clive  Wooster

Class F - Radical SR4

Les  Buck

Class H - OMS Hornet

Paul  Wells

Class H - Jedi Mk4

Tony  Beesley

Class I - JEDI MK4 Suzuki K8

Chris  Bennett

Class I - Force TA

Stuart  Bickley

Class I - Jedi Racing car

Nick  Houston

Class I - Jedi Mk 2

Chris  Jones

Class I - Force TA

Stephen  Loadsman

Class I - oms r/a

Steve  Marr

Class I - Prototype Car Designs Saxon S1100

Martin  Pickles

Class I - Jedi Mk1

Steven  POTTER

Class I - OMS 2000M

Bill  Gouldthorpe

Class J - SBD OMS CF08

Mark  Schlanker

Class J - OMS 2000M Racing Car

Carole  Torkington

Class J - SBD OMS CF08

Ben  Waine

Class J - Magnum 843

Kerry  Waine

Class J - Magnum 843

George  Haynes

Class J1 - Zeus ZR163 Classic Formula Ford

Russell  Haynes

Class J1 - Zeus ZR163 Classic Formula Ford


Class J1 - Swift SC92F

Laurence  Marks

Class J1 - Van Diemen Formula Ford

Simon  McBeath

Class J1 - Swift SC92F



Charlie  Reilly

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF 92

Steve  Broughton

Class K - SBD Dallara F3

Matt  Hillam

Class K - SBD Dallara F399/01

Graham  Blackwell

Class L - Mygale G18 Formula Ford 1.6T EcoBoost VVTi

Pete  Goulding

Class L - MYGALE formula ford ff200


Class L - LOLA TeGra T90


Class W - Dempster Ensign LNF3/Mallock U2 Mk 2B 

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