The list of confirmed registrations for the 2019 SBD HSA Speed Championship appears below.

If registering on-line, competitors will receive a confirmation email. Registration cards and championship stickers will be sent out prior to the first event. If you wish to change your registration please contact the championship co-ordinator. Please note that you do not need a separate registration for a second car if it is in the same class.


 (61 currently registered)

Class Name Car
S1   Adrian Hall-Carpenter Subaru Impreza WRX
S1   Adrian Hall-Carpenter Subaru Impreza WRX
S1   Rob Thomson Renault Clio 172 Cup
S1   John Wadsworth Mazda MX5 Mk 3
S1   Jamie Yapp Renault Clio 172 sport cup
Class Name Car
A1   Andrew Till MG ZR105
Class Name Car
A2   david champion Fiat 500 multijet diesel
A2   Alistair Clark Lotus Elise Series 1
A2   Martin Ellis Ford Escort Mk2
A2   Philip James BMW 2006John Cooper G
A2   Andy Mitchelmore Lotus Elise
A2   Michael Thomson Honda S2000
A2   Charles White Lotus Elise S2
A2   Raymond Worrall Honda S2000
Class Name Car
A2.1   Anthony Brown Mazda MX5
A2.1   Dean Cubitt Mazda MX5 Mk1
A2.1   Stephen Dally Mazda MX5 Mk1
A2.1   James French Mazda MX-5
A2.1   Ken Morris Mazda MX5 Merlot Mk1 MX5
A2.1   Peter Taylor Mazda MX5
A2.1   John Wadsworth Mazda MX5 Mk 3
A2.1   Richard Yapp Mazda MX 5 Mk 1 Eunos Roadster
Class Name Car
A3   Chris Berrisford Subaru Impreza
A3   Tim Richardson Lotus Elise 250 Cup
Class Name Car
Class Name Car
B2   Chris Bennett Caterham Roadsport
Class Name Car
C1   Martin Rutter Fiat X1/9
Class Name Car
C2   Paul Meadows Renault  Clio RS182
C2   Richard Worth Ford Puma
Class Name Car
C3   Zoe Kingham SBD Westfield SeiW
C3   Geoff Lancaster Renault Clio 172 Turbo
C3   Robin Lee Renault Clio Sport 
C3   James Rushworth BMW E30 
Class Name Car
D   John Bradshaw Westfield SEiW
D   James Robertson Raw Striker
D   Martyn Turner MNR Vortx Modified Sports Car / Kit Car
Class Name Car
U2   Mike Henney Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV / Lotus Cortina
U2   Philip Stader Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750
U2   Philip Stader Alfa Romeo Berlina/ MG BGT
U2   Yvette Stader Alfa Romeo  Berlina 1750
U2   Andrew Webber Lotus Europa 47D/62 R
U2   Graeme Williamson Hillman Imp
Class Name Car
F   Keith Murray Audi  R8 GTS
F   Jeff Wiltshire Zeus Challenger Evo II Sportscar
F   clive wooster Radical SR4 sports racer
Class Name Car
H   Les Buck OMS Hornet
Class Name Car
I   Chris Bennett Force TA
I   Stuart Bickley Jedi Suzuki TDF
I   Stewart Duncan OMS PR
I   John Loudon Force HC
Class Name Car
J1   Nick Arnold Royale  RP24
J1   Simon Broadbridge Van Diemen RF87
J1   Nigel Fox Van Diemen RF 89 Formula Ford
J1   Russell  Haynes Zeus ZR163  Formula Ford
J1   Laurence Marks Van Diemen RF84 Formula Ford
J1   Carole Nicholls Nike Formula Ford
Class Name Car
L   Graham Blackwell Mygale EcoBoost G19 Formula Ford
L   peter goulding mygale formula ford
L   Graham Porrett Lola T90 TeGra Single Seater

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