Competitors (and loved ones!) are welcome to provide photos to appear on this page to either fill in the gaps or replace photos from our archives with something a little more flattering! Please contact us here for details of how to send in their photos. We do our best to match the correct names to faces to cars but mistakes can happen so if you spot one please let us know and we'll get it fixed.

Adrian  Hall-Carpenter

Class S1 - Subaru Impreza WRX

Rob  Thomson

Class S1 - Renault Clio 172 Cup

John  Wadsworth

Class S1 - Mazda MX5 Mk 3

Jamie  Yapp

Class S1 - Renault Clio 172 sport cup

david  champion

Class A2 - Fiat 500 multijet diesel

Alistair  Clark

Class A2 - Lotus Elise Series 1

Dean  Cubitt

Class A2 - Mazda MX5 Mk1

Andy  Mitchelmore

Class A2 - Lotus Elise

Michael  Thomson

Class A2 - Honda S2000

Charles  White

Class A2 - Lotus Elise S2

Raymond  Worrall

Class A2 - Honda S2000

Peter  Taylor

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

John  Wadsworth

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Mk 3

Richard  Yapp

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX 5 Mk 1 Eunos Roadster

Oliver  Beale


Chris  Berrisford

Class A3 - Subaru Impreza


Class B1 - MNR Vortex RT INBOARD

Martin  Rutter

Class C1 - Fiat X1/9

Colin  Seaward


Geoff  Lancaster

Class C3 - Renault Clio 172 Turbo

John  Bradshaw

Class D - Westfield SEiW

Mike  Henney

Class U2 - Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV / Lotus Cortina

Philip  Stader

Class U2 - Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750

Andrew  Webber

Class U2 - Lotus Europa 47D/62 R

Jeff  Wiltshire

Class F - Zeus Challenger Evo II Sportscar

clive  wooster

Class F - Radical SR4 sports racer

Les  Buck

Class H - OMS Hornet


Class I - Jedi Mk4 Suzuki Mk4

Chris  Bennett

Class I - Force TA

Stuart  Bickley

Class I - Jedi Suzuki TDF

Stewart  Duncan

Class I - OMS PR

John  Loudon

Class I - Force HC

Nick  Arnold

Class J1 - Royale  RP24

Laurence  Marks

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF84 Formula Ford

Carole  Nicholls

Class J1 - Nike Formula Ford

Graham  Blackwell

Class L - Mygale EcoBoost G19 Formula Ford

Graham  Porrett

Class L - Lola T90 TeGra Single Seater

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