Competitors (and loved ones!) are welcome to provide photos to appear on this page to either fill in the gaps or replace photos from our archives with something a little more flattering! Please contact us here for details of how to send in their photos. We do our best to match the correct names to faces to cars but mistakes can happen so if you spot one please let us know and we'll get it fixed.

Geoff  Lancaster

Class A1 - Renault Clio 2

Laurence  Marks

Class A1 - FIAT 100hp Panda

Steven  Needham

Class A1 - Smart Roadster

James  Pickering

Class A1 - Peugeot 106

Andrew  Till

Class A1 - MG ZR105

Patrick  Wright

Class A1 - Fiat Panda 100HP

Jamie  Yapp

Class A1 - Vauxhall Nova 1.3 SR

Leigh  Andrews

Class A2 - Mazda RX8 Coupe

paul  Bond

Class A2 - lotus elise series 1

Richard  Brown

Class A2 - Volkswagen Lupo Gti

Stewart  Butler

Class A2 - MG TF

Alistair  Clark

Class A2 - Lotus Elise Series 1

Helen  Currie

Class A2 - Renault Clio Trophy 

lewis  devereux

Class A2 - bmw e36 compact m sport

Alex  Evans

Class A2 - Mazda RX8

James  Evans

Class A2 - Mazda RX8

Jeremy  Evans

Class A2 - Mazda RX8

Adam  Greenen

Class A2 - Honda Civic Type R

Andy  Mitchelmore

Class A2 - Lotus Elise S2 111s

Paul  Murphy

Class A2 - citroen xsara vts

Graeme  Procter

Class A2 - fiat abarth 500

Bob  Ridge-Stearn

Class A2 - Lotus Elise S1

John  Watson

Class A2 - Lotus Elise

Elen  Worthington

Class A2 - Lotus Elise

Stephen  Dally

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Mk1

lewis  devereux

Class A2.1 - mazda mx5 mk1 sports

Steve  Devereux

Class A2.1 - mazda mx5

Chris  Falcon

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Ken  Morris

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Merlot

David  Newman

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

John  Pollard

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 NC

Colin  Seaward

Class A2.1 - mazda MX5

Alexander  Smith

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX-5

Michael  Tindale

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Paul  Watson

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 roadster

Richard  Yapp

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Andrew  cottrill

Class A3 - subaru Impreza

Colin  Davies

Class A3 - BMW 330 ci

Sarah  Davies

Class A3 - BMW 330 ci

Peter  Elliston

Class A3 - VW Golf GTI 

Richard  Etheridge

Class A3 - Subaru Impreza

Mark  Laws

Class A3 - BMW Mini Works "S"

Alan  Sawyer

Class A3 - Subaru Impreza

Paul  Trill

Class A3 - Mazda RX7 FD3

Colin  Bowdidge

Class B1 - caterham super sprint

John  Bradshaw

Class B1 - Sylva Striker Mk2

Mike  Smith

Class B1 - Sylva Mk2

Colin  Way

Class B1 - Westfield SEIW

Anthony  Earl

Class B2 - Caterham 1.8 VHPD roadsport

Paul  Evans

Class B2 - Westfield SEiW

Stephen  Laing

Class B2 - Caterham R500

Simon  Price

Class B2 - Westfield SEiW Kit Car

Mike  Gallery

Class C1 - Morris Cooper S

Julian  Harber

Class C1 - British Leyland Mini Clubman

Eric  Morrey

Class C1 - Hillman Imp

Gavin  Neate

Class C1 - Peugeot 106

Ivan  Russell

Class C1 - ford 105E Anglia

Martin  Rutter

Class C1 - Fiat X1/9

Michael  Gleaves

Class C2 - MG MGF

Dave  Mockford

Class C2 - Austin Maestro

Philip  Stader

Class C2 - Alfa Romeo Berlina

Willem  Verhaak

Class C2 - Mazda MX5

Chris  Berrisford

Class C3 - Subaru Impreza

Mike  Butler

Class C3 - BMW M3

Geoffrey  Kershaw

Class C3 - Ford Sierra

Steve  Brown

Class D - Westfield Megabusa

Becky  Manton

Class D - Fisher Fury Spyder

Graeme  Manton

Class D - Fisher Fury Spyder

Graham  Mintram

Class D - Sylva Phoenix

Adam  Phelps

Class D - Westfield Megabusa

John  Phelps

Class D - Westfield Megabusa

James  Robertson

Class D - Raw Striker

Jeff  Wiltshire

Class D - Sylva Phoenix

Malcolm  Johnson


Rowland  Turner

Class U2 - Ford Saloon

Paul  Batey

Class F - Rawlson Imp

Matt  Carter

Class F - Radical PR6

Clive  Wooster

Class F - Radical sr4 Sports Libre

Les  Buck

Class H - OMS Hornet

Paul  Wells

Class H - Jedi Mark 4

Chris  Bennett

Class I - Force PT

Simon  Boulter

Class I - OMS 2000M

Nick  Houston

Class I - Jedi Suzuki GSXR Mk 2

Chris  Jones

Class I - Force PT

Stephen  Loadsman

Class I - OMS R/A

David  Owen

Class I - OMS 2000M

Martin  Pickles

Class I - Jedi Mk1

Steven  Potter

Class I - Megapin 10HC97

Chris  Bennett

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF89

Mark  Haynes

Class J1 - Zeus ZR 163 Classic Formula Ford 

Russell  Haynes

Class J1 - Zeus ZR163 Classic Formula Ford

Charlie  Reilly

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF 92

Steve  Broughton

Class K - SBD Dallara F3RB01

Matt  Hillam

Class K - SBD Dallara F3RB01

Tony  Jarvis

Class K - Dallara Racing

Martin  Webb

Class K - Dallara Opel

Graham  Blackwell

Class L - Mygale M13-SJ/Mountune Single Seater

Peter  Goulding

Class L - mygale formula ford Mygale M13-SJ

Mike  Broome

Class W - Alexis F3/Atlantic

Fyrth  Crosse


David  Bennett

Class V2 - Marcos GT

Mike  Henney

Class V2 - Lotus Elan

Peter  Hubbard

Class V2 - Marcos GT

Nicholas  Scott

Class J2 - Force HC

Gary  Thomas

Class J2 - Force PC

Ifan  Davies

Class N - Davrian mk6 Sports

Graeme  Williamson

Class N - Hillman Imp

Ed  McDonough

Class X - Dulon MP15 Formula Ford

Jeremy  Smithson

Class X - Merlyn Mk 11

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